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ShopZone ecommerce software

      Product Detail Information
Custom Built Hosting For ShopZone Only

US$ 0.00
Talk with a sales rep NOW!
call 1-800-217-1298

Build Your Own Hosting Plan For ShopZone Only

Quad Xeon™ Super Server under a shared environment with
Global, National and Metro Connectivity
More than 300 networks, service providers, and enterprises
Carrier-neutral environment
Central Business District location

Superior Colocation Infrastructure
Up to 150 breakered Watts/square foot
Redundant AC/DC UPS power

Managed Services
24x7 remote hands
Certified technicians
Turn-key equipment installation
Operations outsourcing


24x7 site secure access
24x7 security staffing
CCTV surveillance
Optical turnstiles

This insures 99.9% uptime. 24/7 Online Tech Support. http://help.alterit.com

Hard Disk Storage * (Starts @ 150MB), Monthly Transfer * ( Starts @ 10GB)
* Unlimited E-mail Accounts, * Unlimited E-mail Storage,
* Unlimited E-mail Forwarding, * Unlimited E-mail Auto responders,
* Unlimited FTP Updates, CGI-BIN Directory * (Needed for e-commerce),
Access to Log Files * (Use with Log analyzers) * , SSL Encryption * (Requires Certificate) *

Control your own web account. We use Cpanel * ($49.95 Monthly Value).
Cpanel has been rated one of the best control panels on the market.
Free Statistics * ($14.95 Monthly Value), Anti spam protection, Anti-Virus protection and much more.
Shared hosting with some customizable features that normally can only be found on dedicated server account.

A dedicated SSL certificate is not included with your account, this must be purchased separately! If you chose to install your own ssl we charge a onetime fee for our services.

1 - Optional1 payment gateway means that you can optionally purchase an online merchant account and on-line credit card processing gateway from many suppliers including Verisign, Innuity, AuthorizeNet, LinkPoint/CSU and others.

2 - Unlimited2 means you can have as much that will fit within the available disk space for your account.

Exceeding Account Limits

If account limits are exceeded the account can be upgraded to the next greater account
type for that billing period or the excess usage may be charged at the following rates:

  • Excess bandwidth usage is billed at $5 per 1 Gigabyte increments
  • Excess disk spaces usage is bill at $5 per 20 Megabyte increments

Account Transfer Only Existing SSL Installation $100.00
Existing Domain License Transfer $150.00
Domain Name
Hosting Options Existing Account Transfer - $25.00
Mini-Store 350 MB - 10 GBW - $39.99
Small Store 500 MB - 25 GBW - $49.99
Medium Store 1500 MB - 50 GBW - $99.99
Large Store 2500 MB - 75 GBW - $179.99
New SSL Includes Installation for 1 Year No SSL Installation Please (non secure sites only)
Existing SSL Installation $100.00
Small Business Static Seal - $199.99
Mid Sized SSL Static Seal, Assurance Warranty of $10,000 - $259.99
Enterprise SSL Dynamic Seal, Warranty of $100,000 - $379.99
Enterprise SSL EV SSL Dynamic Seal, Warranty of $250,000 - $699.99
Enterprise SSL EV SGC Dynamic Seal, Warranty of $250,000 - $899.99
This is a Existing Existing Domain Name
New Domain Name $35.00


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